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Return Authorization

All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization # (RA).


All returns need to be requested within 10 days of order date to prevent a restocking charge, and returned within 5 days of RA issue date. ALL SHIPPING CHARGES (to and fro) FOR RETURNS OR REFUNDS ARE BORNE BY THE CUSTOMER.

Customer Error items will be assessed restocking charges as follows:

  • 1-30 days: 15% (or higher)

All damaged merchandise needs to be reported within 3 days of receipt of merchandise.

All warehouse errors (wrong fills and shortages) need to be reported within 24 hours of receipt of merchandise and need to be called in or entered against the specific invoice that the error occurred on.

Defective items must be reported within 28 days.

If you receive merchandise that you did not order or that otherwise does not belong to you, please notify us immediately.

Discrepancies on Invoices/credits must be reported within 30 days.

Special Order items, and selected items (i.e.: food, cd players, etc.) are not returnable. A full listing is available upon request.



  • Item must not be assembled.
  • Item must be clean and free of dents, scratches, holes, tears, cracks, stickers, labels, price tags, etc.
  • The item must be unused.
  • All parts, hardware, instructions, warranty cards, power cords, etc., must be included.
  • The item must be in its original packaging. This includes the box or carton in which it came in, wrap, protection, or sleeve supplied by the manufacturer.


  • Each carton must have RA sticker or a pallet label affixed.
  • The manufacturer's carton must be free of writing, such as "Sold To", RA #, or "Return To", etc. (Please use return labels.)
  • The carton must be free of holes, cuts, tears, etc.
  • The carton must be free of excessive tape or odd tapes (i.e. duct or Christmas tape, etc.)
  • Furniture cartons must be opened properly. Preferably by opening the carton flaps. Never cut the furniture cartons around the bottom or down the sides.
  • Furniture must be returned in the original carton.
  • All internal packaging (i.e. bubble wrap, cardboard corners, tops and side strips) must be in place.
  • Do not write RA #'s, consumer information, or other information on the manufacturer boxes as this will make it non-returnable or not resalable.


  • Ready to assemble furniture is not returnable if the manufacturer's carton has been opened and the merchandise has been assembled.


  • Electronic items are covered by manufacturer's warranty. These manufacturer terms and conditions are enforced on our company. In situations whereby the manufacturers will not honor credit due us. We reserve the right to deny such credit to the customer.
  • We want to make every effort to handle these items. However, most manufacturers only offer repair service and we cannot sell manufacturer repaired product to you as new.